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Learn to interpret OCT scans with our free mobile app

Benefits for Optometrist

  • Save time

    Learn to interpret OCT scans faster

  • Get Confidence

    Make less mistakes

  • Early, rare, minor pathologies

    Learn to notice everything

  • Second opinion

    Second opinion in controversial cases

  • Communicate

    Get an opinion on the complex scans

  • Get professional

    Study and practice

  • Real Stories from Real Customers

    Get inspired by these stories.

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How it Works?

Altris Education OCT is a free tool for OCT education

We improve the diagnostic process for ophthalmologists and optometrists by automating the detection of 54 pathological signs and 49 pathologies on OCT images. Altris algorithm is trained on the database of 5 million unique OCT cases obtained in 11 practicing ophthalmology clinics.

The utilization of AI for ophthalmology and optometry brings diagnostics to a new level improving patient outcome as a result

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Maria Znamenska, Ph.D. Ophthalmology, Chief Medical Officer at Altris Inc.

Altris Education OCT will become your guide in OCT interpretation education. This mobile app is

  • interactive ( you can highlight pathologies and study them one by one)
  • free ( we have 12 000+ users already)
  • available anytime and anywhere.

Traditional educational methods, such as webinars, conferences, and atlases are not enough for modern learners: it is time to use free mobile apps. In Altris Education OCT you will have access to millions of labeled OCT scans and will be a part of a community of eye care specialists at the same time. You will get a unique chance to upload controversial OCT scans and discuss them with colleagues from all over the world. With Altris Education OCT we set higher diagnostic standards which leads to better patient outcome as a result.

Free Interactive OCT Education