16000 eye care professionals use it

Benefits for Eye Care Specialists

  • Interactive learning

    Highlight and zoom each pathological sign

  • Get second opinion

    Join the ophthalmic community of 15.000 specialists

  • Save precious time

    Learn OCT interpretation anywhere and anytime

  • Complete quizzes

    Improve your practise by passing quick tests

  • Decrease errors

    Learn how to detect early, rare, minor pathologies

  • Real Stories from Real Customers

    See what professionals say about us

  • Oleksandra Zemliak

    Ophthalmologist at Luxvision

    Altris Education OCT is a great helpful app for any ophthalmologist!

  • Hashim Ali Khan

    OD, FAAO

    Altris Education OCT is the best ever app (resource) on OCT education. I was stunned with the quality of material, presentation and interpretation and most of all the segmentation of lesions

  • Christina Chan

    OD, Komoka optometry owner

    Altris Education OCT is an excellent app, I don't use it enough!

  • Mauro Budini


    Altris Education OCT is a very good app.There is plenty of cases and each one is well described. I find really useful that you can highlight each sign which is mentioned in the image description, so you can easily understand what it is.

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How it Works?

Explore mobile ophthalmology and optometry app for OCT education


Altris Education OCT mobile ophthalmology and optometry app provides users with thousands of OCT scans of various retinal diseases. Explore the main features of the app:

  • Interactive app: you can highlight each pathology with different colors and zoom it
  • Expert community: more than 15.000 eye care specialists upload their cases and discuss them with colleagues
  • OCT quizzes: choose from 100+ quizzes and become an OCT expert by challenging your knowledge


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Maria Znamenska, Ph.D. Ophthalmology, Chief Medical Officer at Altris Inc.

In the Altris Education OCT app, our retina experts gathered OCT cases of the most common retinal pathologies, such as wet/dry AMD, DR, DME, and macular degeneration, as well as rare pathologies.

Inside the application, all scans are grouped into 41 folders, sorted by:

  • hereditary diseases
  • pathologies
  • pathological signs

Learn OCT by highlighting pathological signs one by one and zoom in on any OCT scan to see details. In our mobile ophthalmology and optometry app, users can create their own library by selecting OCT scans from a feed or folders.


16000 eye care professionals use it