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  • The Ophthalmologist “Altris AI is a helping hand. How AI models alleviate the pressure on global healthcare.”

  • Optometry Today. “My wish for all eye care specialists is not to be afraid of using new technology in their everyday practice.”

  • The New OptometristWhere does AI-enabled automated analysis fit into the clinical picture? One of the reasons is better patient triage. AI algorithms can help triage patients by analyzing OCT images and identifying those who require urgent attention. For example, AI can identify signs of macular edema – a serious condition requiring immediate treatment.”

  • The Ophthalmology Times “The company’s AI cloud-based platform is available via a browser to any eye care professional in the world. The artificial intelligence algorithm was trained on millions of graphically labeled OCT scans collected from ophthalmic clinics.”

  • Optician covers the potential benefits of AI, current AI-powered platforms for AI scan analysis, limitations of AI, and the thoughts on the future of AI in the eye care industry: “AI is here to stay and will likely become more accurate and be able to work with a larger range of biomarkers.”

Optician on Altris AI, AI for OCT in eyecare

  • Modern Retina: Altris AI received FDA clearance as an IMS platform with AI capabilities.

  • Eyewire on Altris AI “Altris Inc. announced the launch of Altris AI, an artificial intelligence-powered software platform designed to automate OCT examination. The secure, cloud-based platform provides fast analysis and visualization of 70+ pathologies and pathological signs, including rare ones, according to Altris.”
  • Review of Optometric Business: Image management system with AI capabilities.

  • Ophthalmic Professional printed edition, 2023.

  • Optical Prism  – the oldest Canadian printed media on eye care and eyewear. “Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way diagnostics works.”

  • Silicon Canals “Altris AI Is All Set to Transform the Global Eye Care Market After Raising $1 Million”

Altris team

  • Ophthalmology Breaking News “OCT is one of the most popular diagnostic methods in ophthalmology and the most complex at the same time. Many eye care specialists admit that they come across complex controversial OCT scans regularly. That is why Altris Inc., the company co-owned by Maria Znamenska, a Ph.D. Ophthalmology and the owner of the ophthalmic clinic created a decision-making support tool for all eye care specialists – Altris AI.”
  • Altris AI’s story in ZDNET  “Altris AI deep learning platform that applies AI and ML to detect more than 70 retinal pathologies and diseases.”
  • Altris AI in StartUs Insights:  Altris AI is among the Top 5 Ophthalmology Startups according to StartUs Insights, the platform which informs about innovation, technologies & emerging companies.

  • Altris AI interview for The Ophthalmologist “The future of eye care will rely on artificial intelligence-driven imaging interpretation – in the clinic and out.”
  • Eyesmart “Altris AI, a pioneering Artificial Intelligence-powered platform for OCT scan analysis, has emerged as a game-changer in the eye care industry.”
  • Altris AI in Data Magazine: Altris AI joined the list of 71 Most Innovative Machine Learning Startups & Companies in Chicago, the USA. Proud to be among the companies that build a better future for humanity.
  • OCT News on Altris AI.
  • Altris AI & SuperAnnotate “Altris AI achieved a 12% increase in model accuracy using SuperAnnotate.”
  • Altris AI’s story in Eyes On Eyecare “Altris Education OCT  is a free mobile app where users learn to analyze OCT scans and find pathologies and pathological signs interactively.”

  • Business Wire about Altris AI  “Altris AI model demonstrates a high level of performance with a multi-disease classification accuracy of over 96%.”
  • Altris AI in NS Medical Devices:  Altris AI received CE Mark approval for a function to detect retinal diseases on optical coherence tomography.
  • Altris AI interview Bloomberg “Altris AI integration with OCT devices creates an easy, convenient and safe way of working with the system.”