Altris Inc. in Media


  • The Ophthalmology Times “The company’s AI cloud-based platform is available via a browser to any eye care professional in the world. The artificial intelligence algorithm was trained on millions of graphically labeled OCT scans collected from ophthalmic clinics.”

  • Eyewire on Altris AI “Altris Inc. announced the launch of Altris AI, an artificial intelligence-powered software platform designed to automate OCT examination. The secure, cloud-based platform provides fast analysis and visualization of 100 pathologies and pathological signs, including rare ones, according to Altris.”
  • Altris AI’s story in ZDNET  “Altris AI deep learning platform that applies AI and ML to detect more than 100 retinal pathologies and diseases.”
  • Altris AI in StartUs Insights  Altris AI is among the Top 5 Ophthalmology Startups according to StartUs Insights, the platform which informs about innovation, technologies & emerging companies.

  • Altris AI interview for The Ophthalmologist “The future of eye care will rely on artificial intelligence-driven imaging interpretation – in the clinic and out.”
  • Altris AI in Data Magazine  Altris AI joined the list of 71 Most Innovative Machine Learning Startups & Companies in Chicago, the USA. Proud to be among the companies that build a better future for humanity.
  • Altris AI & SuperAnnotate “Altris AI achieved a 12% increase in model accuracy using SuperAnnotate.”
  • Altris AI’s story in Eyes On Eyecare “Altris Education OCT  is a free mobile app where users learn to analyze OCT scans and find pathologies and pathological signs interactively.”