AI for OCT

Empowering Retina Experts

Benefits for Ophthalmologists

  • Pathology progression tracking

    En face area, b-scan area, volume and percentage tracking

  • Early risk of glaucoma assessment

    GCC complex asymmetry analysis

  • Only pathological OCT scans for analysis

    Non-pathological scans are excluded, time is saved

  • Confidence in decison-making

    Double check of every scan for those who lack experience

  • Faster examination

    Done in less time without the quality loss

Awards and video review

Our proficiency is proved by reputable organizations

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  • Real Stories on Our Products

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  • Hashim Ali Khan

    OD, FAAO

    Altris Education OCT is the best ever app (resource) on OCT education. I was stunned with the quality of material, presentation and interpretation and most of all the segmentation of lesions

  • Marta Shchur

    Medical Director at Luxzir

    Altris AI helps our eye care specialists to avoid mistakes and feel more confident with diagnostic decision-making. Definitely less guessing! Moreover, the examination goes faster so we can now have more patients.

  • Oleksandra Zemliak

    Ophthalmologist at Luxvision

    Altris Education OCT is a great helpful app for any ophthalmologist!

  • Mario Budni


    Altris Education OCT is a very good app.There is plenty of cases and each one is well described. I find really useful that you can highlight each sign which is mentioned in the image description, so you can easily understand what it is.

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How it Works?

Altris is a unique ophthalmic image management system powered by AI

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Altris AI is an ophthalmic image management system that helps ophthalmologists and optometrists in the detection of 70+ pathologies and pathological signs, such as wet & dry AMD, DR, DME, GA and many others.

510(k) FDA clearance. CE certificate. HIPPA compliance. GDPR. All data is tokenized and anonymized.

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Maria Znamenska, Ph.D. Ophthalmology, Chief Medical Officer

At Altris Inc. we want to start a new era of OCT education interpretation, that is why we have created an ecosystem of products: Altris AI (AI-powered medical image analysis system) and Altris Education OCT (free mobile application for OCT interpretation education).

Here we would like to tell you more about Altris Education OCT mobile app. It is interactive, free, and available anytime and anywhere. Altris Education OCT in numbers:

  • 1.000.000+ OCT scans
  • 2 Retina Experts label each scan
  • 15000+ eye care specialists in the community
  • 70+ pathological signs and pathologies

Free Interactive OCT Education

AI for Ophthalmology and Optometry

As for the Altris AI, it is the first system available on the market that offers to use AI for OCT and to solve the most common problems of OCT examination. According to our survey of 1034 eye care specialists:

  • 65% of ophthalmologists have controversial OCT scans 3 times a week on average. These scans can be easily interpreted with our system.
  • 35% of ophthalmologists miss minor, early, rare pathologies regularly, which means that the patient who needs treatment will fail to come for an important follow-up examination. AI for OCT solves this problem for every ophthalmologist and improves patient outcomes as a result.
  • 16% of ophthalmologists waste their time on non-pathological OCT scans. This becomes literally impossible with Altris AI.

Altris AI has 3 basic modules: severity detection, segmentation/classification, and reporting.

The severity detection module allows classifying B-scans and determining pathological scans only within a minute, excluding human-made errors. The segmentation/classification module makes diagnosis more accurate and detects 70+ pathologies and pathological signs. Reporting helps ophthalmologists to form comprehensive OCT reports.

Altris provides ophthalmologists with the confidence they never had before. AI for OCT interpretation offered by Altris AI is the unique chance to achieve higher professional goals and have more satisfied patients.