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Altris is a unique ophthalmic image management system powered by AI

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Altris AI automates the selection of pathological OCT scans and the detection of 70+ pathologies and biomarkers.

FDA clearance. CE – certified. GDPR compliant. HIPAA compliant. Read the brochure. 

AI for Ophthalmology and Optometry is accessible today. The platform is compatible with all OCT devices.


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  • Our clients on our products

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  • Jeff Sciberras

    Optometry Clinic Owner

    "The introduction of OCT with Altris AI has transformed my practice literally overnight. The integration was seamless and Altris customer support has been outstanding."

  • Marta Shchur

    Medical Director at Luxzir Ophthalmic Clinic

    "Altris AI helps our eye care specialists to avoid mistakes and feel more confident with diagnostic decision-making. Definitely less guessing! Moreover, the examination goes faster so we can now have more patients."

  • BB Optiek

    Optometrist bij BB Optiek

    The Altris AI platform works very well. It is really easy to upload the OCT scans. The pathologies detection is great, I’ve already seen different pathologies.

  • Scott Sedlacek

    Owner, OD

    "Patients love to see the color-coded images which help as an educational tool and get buy-in on the treatment plan which helps compliance. There is a wow factor for me and my patients that sets your practice apart from the others"

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AI for Ophthalmology and Optometry


Altris AI opens as a website and assists eye care specialists with OCT scan interpretation. The system helps to solve the most common pain points in OCT interpretation.

  • Improving patient triage through Altris AI, which provides advice on the urgency of patient referral and the need for further observation, etc.
  • More detailed screening means more early cases detected and more effective treatment as a result.
  • Empowering each eye care specialist with modern Artificial Intelligence tools gives confidence to the owner/medical director.

Why should each eye care specialist embrace AI in Ophthalmology and Optometry with Altris AI?

  • You join the biggest community of forward-thinking eye care professionals: 18000+ ophthalmologists and optometrists from the whole world.
  • We enhance your level of knowledge and expertise with an AI superpower.
  • We provide a second opinion, which is much needed in many situations. But the final diagnosis is always on you.
  • We make complex OCT interpretation easy.

How do we train AI?

How do we train AI?

We at Altris AI are passionate about data and annotation quality.

We know that the best AI solutions on the market are developed by experts who understand in-depth problems that AI should detect. Each image that we use for AI training is carefully annotated by a Retina Specialist, as well as reviewed and verified by two experienced Retina Experts before commencing any experiments with AI.

That is why our algorithm shows an exceptional level of accuracy when determining pathologies and pathological signs. That helps ophthalmologists and optometrists to make better decisions and have higher diagnostic standards altogether.


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