AI for Biomarkers

Accelerating clinical trial for ophthalmic drugs

Benefits for Pharma

  • Faster clinical trial

    Clinical trial without delays

  • Accuracy is the key

    Results are free from human errors

  • Business processes optimization

    Cost reduction of clinical trial

  • No human bias

    Decision making without bias

  • Competitive advantage

    Leaving competitors behind

Awards and video review

Our proficiency is proved by reputable organizations

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  • The most accurate labeling

    Eye care specialists value

  • Marta Shchur

    Medical Director at Ophthalmic clinic

    Altris AI helps our eye care specialists to avoid mistakes and feel more confident with diagnostic decision-making. Definitely less guessing! Moreover, the examination goes faster so we can now have more patients.

  • Hashim Ali Khan

    Optometry Doctor, Member of Optometry Association, Ph.D.

    Altris Education OCT is the best ever app (resource) on OCT education. I was stunned with the quality of material, presentation and interpretation and most of all the segmentation of lesions

  • Christina Chan

    Optometry Doctor

    Altris Education OCT is a good app! I don't use it enough.

  • Oleksandra Zemliak


    Altris Education OCT is a great helpful app for any ophthalmologist!

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How it works?

Altris AI for biomarkers detection can be the best solution for any pharma company

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Altris AI system is trained on the database of 5 mln OCT scans collected in 11 ophthalmic clinics throughout the years.

Each OCT scan was labeled by 2 experienced retina experts which excludes the probability of mistakes to the minimum.

That is why using AI for biomarkers in the process of ophthalmic drug clinical trials will provide pharma companies with incredible results and exceptional competitive advantage.


AI for Biomarkers Detection

Drug development and trial presuppose long and exhausting reviews of thousands, if not millions, of documents. For the success of any research, it is crucial to determine clinically important differences before and after treatment using biological markers. However, this process is extremely time-consuming and costly for any business.

More than that, the amount of data obtained in clinical trials is growing exponentially which makes this task even more complicated.

Altris AI is a unique solution for a pharma company that speeds up clinical research by automating biomarker detection on ophthalmic images and making it error-free.

AI for biomarkers is a digital solution to the problem of exhausting clinical research. Our system is trained on 5 mln OCT scans obtained from 11 practicing ophthalmic clinics, which guarantees high accuracy and zero human-made errors.

As of today, 14 biomarkers can be easily found with the help of the Altris AI system which can be customized for any client.

Using the biggest database of clinical cases, Altris AI can speed up any clinical research trial, making it much more effective and error-free.

  • Customized biomarkers

    Any pharma company can choose the biomarkers it needs

  • Exceptional level of accuracy

    Accumulative accuracy of our AI model is 91%

  • Personalized approach

    We find personalized approach to every client

Maria Znamenska

Ph.D. Ophthalmology, Medical Director at Altris

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