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AI in ophthalmology for academic purposes

Aston University and Altris AI join forces to Revolutionise Optometry Education

We are proud to announce our new strategic partnership with Aston University, a renowned healthcare education and research institution. This partnership marks a significant step forward in enhancing the preparation and training of optometry students with the help of AI technology.

As OCT examination proves to be one of the most accurate and yet the most complex diagnostic devices in the eye care industry, it is crucial for educational institutions to stay ahead and equip their students with the most innovative tools, such as artificial intelligence. The collaboration between ourselves and Aston University will enhance how optometry students learn and improve OCT interpretation skills.

Aston University, known for its commitment to excellence in healthcare education, has chosen to partner with Altris AI to integrate AI-driven solutions into future optometrists training in the lecture theatre, university clinics, and research departments. The Altris AI platform will also be used in the study of Ph.D.-level research projects.

Commenting on this exciting partnership, James Wolffsohn, Head School of Optometry said “We strive to equip our students with cutting edge knowledge and tools to deliver world class eyecare to their patients. This partnership with Altris AI will help strengthen our students diagnostic ability and keep on the crest of the innovation wave offered by AI”

Maria Znamenska, MD, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and a Chief Medical Officer at Altris AI, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “The new generation of optometry students ask for modern ways of learning. Today they want more than books and atlases, they want to learn interactively and utilise the power of technology in clinical practice. And we are happy that AI has become a true copilot for the young generation of optometry students at Aston University.”

This partnership is a testament to the commitment of both organisations to innovation in healthcare education. Together, Aston University and Altris AI aim to shape the future of optometry education and empower students to provide excellent level eye care services to patients. After all, the ultimate goal of digitalisation in healthcare is always healthier patients.

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