AI for OCT test for glaucoma

AI-powered glaucoma risk analysis of OCT scans

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  • A brand new module dedicated to OCT Glaucoma Risk Assessment 
  • Altris AI differentiates between pathological and non-pathological b-scans
  • Altris AI detects 70+ retina pathologies and biomarkers
  • Altris AI provides glaucoma risk assessment analysis

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Platform overview

Only practical features for ophthalmologists and other doctors

End-to-End Encryption

The security of patients’ data is our top priority: we are GDPR compliant, all data is encrypted, CE-certified, and FDA- cleared (510k).

Nica van der Mijden Optometrist

"The Altris AI platform works very well. It is really easy to upload the OCT scans. The pathologies detection is great, I’ve already seen different pathologies."

Richard Clare Optometry Owner

“We are adding a new OCT to one of our practices and may benefit from some extra support with AI to speed up the interpretation of results and assist the busy Optometry team.”

Scott Sedlacek Optometry Owner

"It’s fast and easy. If you want the right diagnosis, right away, this is the way to go. This technology augments the analysis ability of the human using it.”


The AI-powered ophthalmic image management system is an effective solution for any clinic that uses OCT equipment for diagnostics.

It is implemented in 30+ modern eye clinics around the world and is used by thousands of eye care professionals all over the world.

Empowerment of each eye care specialist with modern Artificial Intelligence tool that gives confidence

More effective triage of patients

Routine workflow optimisation

Making eye care business truly high-techand profitable

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AI has shown tremendous potential in both research and clinical treatment of glaucoma. OCT glaucoma examinations are one of the most accurate and the most effective diagnostic methods today. Powered with AI for glaucoma analysis eye care specialists will get more effective and accurate results.

We use GCC asymmetry analysis to assess the early risk of glaucoma.

AI-powered OCT glaucoma test can help to identify patients who are at a greater risk of developing glaucoma. It can also help to decrease the number of false positive referrals.


DICOM format will help you to extract maximum information. However, the system works with all data formats, such as jpg, and png

OCT equipment

Altris AI is vendor-neutral. We work with all the OCT equipment producers

OCT reports

We create comprehensible OCT reports for patients and doctors

Services we provide

What you get if you choose us

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  • Personal Manager Support
  • Severity differentiation
  • Layers
  • Pathologies Segmentation + Classification
  • Progression Tracking EDTRS
  • Progression Tracking EDTRS
  • Referral Score
  • Glaucoma Risk Analysis

How it works?

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Our Support

  • Onboarding training for the whole team
  • Unlimited number of OCT examinations: we adjust to your needs
  • DICOM files extraction support: we attune the process until it works
  • Customization (adding features your team needs). We make the system for your needs
  • Customization (adding features your team needs). We make the system for your needs
  • Support: we support you through the way
  • Cloud/ On-premises data storage for advanced security
  • Integration support with any EHR, EMR system