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The Client: the Eye Place is an optometry center in Ohio, the United States. It is a renowned center that provides comprehensive eye examinations, infant and pediatric eye care, emergency care, LASIK evaluations, and cataract assessment. They offer precise personalized care plans to better treat and prevent ocular disease and chronic illness. Scott Sedlacek, the optometry center owner, is an experienced OD, an American Optometric Association member, and a true innovator who implemented AI for OCT in the optometry practice among the first in the USA.

The Problem:  The Eye Place owner has always been searching for innovations to transform the center making it truly digital.  The aim of the innovation was also to augment the analysis ability of the optometry specialists using it, while allowing for better visualization of the retinal layers affected for doctors and patients.

The Solution: The Altris AI system was introduced in the Eye Place and it transformed the practice making it more efficient. Scott Sedlacek, the owner of the practice admits that:

“We are one of the first Optometry offices with this AI technology. It is amazing at detecting and defining pathology in the 3D digital images I take with my Topcon Maestro2 OCT. We use Image Net6 software to export Dicom files to Altris AI. It’s fast and easy. If you want the right diagnosis, right away, this is the way to go.

I’ve been using this technology on every patient every day since the beginning of January 2024. There is no other technology in my 25 years being an optometrist that was easier to implement and more impactful immediately.”

FDA-cleared AI for OCT analysis

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ROI of the AI for OCT scan analysis

Many eye care specialists worry about the ROI of Altris AI: will the system pay off? After all, it is an investment. That is the experience of Scott, the owner of the Eye Place:

“Altris AI identified and described pathology that I could not. Early detection changes the treatment from doing nothing to something. Also, Altris AI described something that I thought was worse than it was. Saved me from over-referring. Patients love to see the color-coded images which help as an educational tool and get buy-in on the treatment plan which helps compliance. There is a wow factor for me and my patients that sets your practice apart from the others.”

Effective Eye Care Innovation: What Else?

Apart from AI for OCT analysis, the Eye Place utilizes advanced technology for diagnostics.

  • For instance, 3D OCT equipment is a highly advanced screening system that checks for serious conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, vitreous detachments, and more. Using this technology we can simultaneously take a digital photograph and a 3-D cross-section of the retina.
  • Additionally, AdaptDX Pro can detect macular degeneration earlier than by any other means.
  • Cognivue Thrive is a personalized, consistent, and reliable way to receive an overall screening of brain health.It is interactive, non-invasive, self-administered, secure, and confidential. It is a five-minute screening for patients of all ages, and you get immediate results in a simple 1-page report.

These are just some examples of innovative tools that optometry centers can use to automate and improve the level of diagnostics. If you want to imagine how Optometry Centers might look like in 2040, here is the article for you. The future is here, and those centers that digitalize have more chances of winning the competition and the hearts of the clients, much like the Eye Place which is highly appreciated by patients.

As you see, effective eye care innovations are an integral part of the work of the Eye Place which is why Artificial Intelligence for OCT analysis was seamlessly integrated into the workflow of the optometry center.