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The Client: Lux Zir is one of the best-known ophthalmic clinics in Ukraine which provides retina diagnostics and eye treatment services. The clinic currently employs 3 full-time eye practitioners 2 general ophthalmologists and a pediatric retina expert.

The clinic normally sees between 15-20 per day with up to 10 OCT examinations performed.

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The Problem:

Luxzir uses Optical Coherence Tomography as one of its core diagnostic methods because of its high level of accuracy and non-invasiveness. However, the clinic needed to solve several typical problems related to OCT.

  • Some ECPs have less experience with OCT interpretation than others and this creates an inconsistent standard of care throughout the clinic.
  • Some ophthalmologists come across complex OCT scans that they are unable to interpret without the help of their more experienced colleagues.
  • It is difficult to maintain a high standard of care for diagnostics when the CMO is absent during the period of vacation or sick leave.
  • Take out wrong and start with an inaccurate diagnosis on the basis of OCT of the patients who are referred to the clinic from other eye care centers. 

The Solution:

Lux Zir Ophthalmic Clinic decided to implement the Altris AI platform as they understood how it can help resolve their problems. The results have been very positive with improvements with all issues above problems, and received very positive results.

According to Marta Shchur, Chief Medical Officer at Lux Zir clinic, the implementation of the Altris AI system improved the level of OCT diagnostics inside the clinic or if to be precise:

  • OCT interpretation is now considerably faster allowing the ECPs to see 10% more patients per day.
  • OCT diagnostics has become much more efficient: supported by Altris AI, ophthalmologists now have confidence when diagnosing pathologies and pathological signs, even rare ones.
  • The quality of diagnostics is consistent regardless of the experience of the specialists.