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Business Case: Altris AI for Jeff Sciberras Optometry

The Client: Canadian Optometry Clinic

Jeff Sciberras Optometry Clinic is an established eye care facility in Mississauga, Canada. They have been recognized as the Top Choice Optometry Clinic for the past five years running in this large Canadian city.

Dr. Jeff Sciberras is proud of his high patient satisfaction rate: 92% of those surveyed would refer a friend, colleague, or family member to this establishment.

Dr. Sciberras aims to provide comprehensive eye care, with a desire to utilize leading technologies and the delivery of premium eye care products.

Recent technology investments include OCT, which allows earlier diagnosis and greater in-house management capabilities.

AI for OCT Analysis

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The Challenge: The optometry clinic has just purchased a brand new Optopol Revo OCT equipment and the support was needed in OCT scan interpretation. OCT is one of the most accurate methods of retina diagnostics  however, the interpretation of OCT scans can be challenging and time-consuming,  for both doctor and patient.

The Result:

Dr. Sciberras has been extremely satisfied with the support that the Altris AI platform provides:

  • Increased confidence when working with the new OCT device · more profound analysis of OCT scans
  • More adequate referral of complex cases.
  • Scan summaries for the patient.
  • Earning patient confidence and trust: The image of the innovative optometry center is enhanced to their patients and families.
  • The AI Segmentation/Classification Module is invaluable for the optometry center as this module helps in the identification of 70+ pathologies and pathological signs.

The introduction of OCT with Altris AI has transformed my practice literally overnight. The integration was seamless and Altris customer support has been outstanding.


Overall, Dr. Sciberras has been impressed with the experience and support Altris AI provides and is happy to have chosen to partner with them for his leading eye care center.