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  • Christina Chan

    Optometry Shop Owner

    Altris education OCT is good! I don't use the app enough!

  • Hashim A. Khan

    OD, FAAO

    Altris Education OCT is the best ever app (resource) on OCT education. I was stunned with the quality of material, presentation and interpretation and most of all the segmentation of lesions

  • Marta Shchur

    Medical Director at Luxzir Ophthalmic Clinic

    Altris AI helps our eye care specialists to avoid mistakes and feel more confident with diagnostic decision-making. Definitely less guessing. Moreover, the examination goes faster so we can now have more patients.

  • Oleksandra Zemliak

    Ophthalmologist at Luxvision

    Altris Education OCT is a great application, helps me a lot with OCT interpretation.

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AI for OCT Equipment

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Altris AI is an AI-powered SaaS for automated OCT scan analysis.

The system was created by a team of retina experts led by the Ph.D. in Ophthalmology. The algorithm was built on the bases of 5 mln. scans obtained in 11 ophthalmic clinics.

At the moment Altris AI can differentiate between pathological and non-pathological scans and detect 54 pathologies and 49 pathological signs on OCT.

Altris AI as it is


Altris AI is an AI-powered, standalone, browser-based software for OCT scan interpretation created for the support of eye care specialists in diagnostic decision-making. According to our research, all ophthalmologists and optometrists face the same 4 problems which can be solved with the help of Altris AI:

  • 25% of eye care specialists miss minor/early/rare pathologies at least 3 times a week.​ 31% of eye care specialists don’t know if they miss them.
  • ​16% of eye care specialists are not sure about their OCT skills and don’t offer OCT examinations or spend more than 10 minutes on it.
  • 65% of eye care specialists come across controversial scans 3 times a week. 


Altris AI consists of 3 modules:

  • Severity Detection. In this module pathological B- scans are selected automatically within several minutes. So ophthalmologists and optometrists don’t have to waste time on non-pathological scans.
  • Segmentation/Classification. In this module pathological scans are analyzed on the presence/absence of 54 pathologies and 49 pathological signs. The probability of each pathology is assessed in percentage ratio. no chance to miss minor, early, or rare pathology.
  • Reporting. In this module,  comprehensive OCT reports are prepared. Comprehensive means that eye care specialists, as well as a patients can understand them.


  • Formats

    The system works with all data formats, such as DICOM, jpg, and png, making the ophthalmic image management system more secure and efficient

  • Communication

    Ophthalmologists can share images within the system, and discuss them leaving comments and working on the same images together

  • Integration

    The system can also be integrated with the EHR system or it can also work autonomously as a web application

Maria Znamenska

Ph.D. Ophthalmology

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