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  • Christina Chan

    Optometry Shop Owner

    Altris education OCT is good! I don't use the app enough!

  • Hashim A. Khan

    OD, FAAO

    Altris Education OCT is the best ever app (resource) on OCT education. I was stunned with the quality of material, presentation and interpretation and most of all the segmentation of lesions

  • Marta Shchur

    Medical Director at Luxzir Ophthalmic Clinic

    Altris AI helps our eye care specialists to avoid mistakes and feel more confident with diagnostic decision-making. Definitely less guessing. Moreover, the examination goes faster so we can now have more patients.

  • Oleksandra Zemliak

    Ophthalmologist at Luxvision

    Altris Education OCT is a great application, helps me a lot with OCT interpretation.

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AI for OCT Equipment

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Altris AI is an AI-powered SaaS for automated OCT scan analysis.

The system was created by a team of retina experts led by the Ph.D. in Ophthalmology. The algorithm was built on the bases of 5 mln. scans obtained in 11 ophthalmic clinics.

At the moment Altris AI can differentiate between pathological and non-pathological scans and detect 54 pathologies and 49 pathological signs on OCT.

Altris AI as it is


Altris AI is an AI-powered, standalone, browser-based software for OCT scan interpretation created for the support of eye care specialists in diagnostic decision-making. According to our research, all ophthalmologists and optometrists face the same 4 problems which can be solved with the help of Altris AI:

  • 25% of eye care specialists miss minor/early/rare pathologies at least 3 times a week.​ 31% of eye care specialists don’t know if they miss them. With Altris AI this problem can be excluded.
  • ​16% of eye care specialists are not sure about their OCT skills and don’t offer OCT examinations or spend more than 10 minutes on it. With our system, every eye care specialist will have the confidence required to work with OCT equipment.
  • 65% of eye care specialists come across controversial scans 3 times a week. With Altris AI they won’t need to consult colleagues to be 100% sure in their diagnosis.  ​


Altris AI consists of 3 modules:

  • Screening. In this module pathological B- scans are selected automatically within several minutes. So ophthalmologists and optometrists don’t have to waste time on non-pathological scans.
  • Analysis. In this module pathological scans are analyzed on the presence/absence of 54 pathologies and 49 pathological signs. The probability of each pathology is assessed in percentage ratio. no chance to miss minor, early, or rare pathology.
  • Reporting. In this module,  comprehensive OCT reports are prepared. Comprehensive means that eye care specialists, as well as a patients can understand them.

Altris AI sets higher diagnostic standards in eye care practice which results in better patient outcome.

  • Formats

    The system works with all data formats, such as DICOM, jpg, and png, making the ophthalmic image management system more secure and efficient

  • Communication

    Ophthalmologists can share images within the system, and discuss them leaving comments and working on the same images together

  • Integration

    The system can also be integrated with the EHR system or it can also work autonomously as a web application

Maria Znamenska

Ph.D. Ophthalmology

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